Most generally, I am interested in the area of statistical methods for genetic and genomic data. My projects are motivated by scientific problems, and I aim to produce research that is: reproducible, open source, and will be useful to other researchers and in future work. I completed my dissertation under the advising of Dr. Xihong Lin and Dr. John Quackenbush. We worked to develop methods for integrative genomic analysis, or settings when multiple genomic data are available in a study. This has involved developing mediation and network methods and employing scalable computing.


Smoking Cessation: I have worked at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine with Dr. Belinda Borelli, where we are interested in characterizing smokers that are unmotivated to quit so that cessation programs can be best targeted towards individuals.

PTSD: I have also worked at McLean Hospital with Dr. Kerry Ressler and Dr. Guia Guffanti investigating the genetic basis of PTSD via integrative genomic methods.

TMD & Pain Conditions: I further work with Dr. Bill Maixner at the Duke University Center for Translational Pain Medicine on projects related to temporomandibular disorder and pain conditions and identifying patient subtypes.